Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Good Work, Walkers

Good work by the Walker Brothers at the weekend.

Jack Walker playing for Bagnall CC against Church Eaton, in only his second innings of the season due to a broken and bone-grafted wrist, scored 46 not out. This, despite an early crack on said wrist, temporary retirement and innings resumption. 8 outta 10 for resumption - 2 marks deducted for blarting.

Meanwhile, George Walker, not wishing to be out-done, banged a creditable 19 not out for Bagnall CC under-17's against the mighty Porthill Park. I should say that The Dijit hasn't until now taken batting awfully seriously, indeed, either getting a run, or not getting out first ball is perceived by him as a roaring success. And taking to the crease without bothering to take a guard and with his usual twisted smirk that says 'I won't be here long' merely indicates his disdain for wielding the willow. So 19 not out in 16 overs against a top team in the age-group above must be seen as positively schizophrenic (if there is such a condition).

Back to the Jack version who had the insolence to go into bat in his second match of the weekend against another top team - Leycett CC in the Talbot Shield quarter final - before I had arrived back from the Porthill game. Not impressed. And even less impressed that he'd got out for 5 - not in the script. However, redemption was achieved when he took the last 2 wickets of the Leycett innings, winning the match to send Bagnall through to the semis.

Not wishing for elder brother to have the last word, George took to the field against Norton CC under-15's on Monday evening (Monday's the new Sunday), knocked 12 runs, got a wicket (Norton's captain) for 8 off 3, and took a catch. See !

Lifesshort - do it now !

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Life's Too Short

I'm not much for Ricky Gervais - he can't escape from the fact that he is really David Brent in real life. Anyway let's see what Life's Too Short will turn up...


High-handed judgmental opinion to follow...

Right. Seen half of it - the usual Gervais toss that no one dared tell him it was shit and ends up on telly, endlessly and mercilessly vaunted by the BBC - every channel, breakfast, One Show, radio...

Ricky Gervais - he's got the emperors new clothes on again - oy Dick, no kecks on mate !


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Riots, Police and Politicians

In the last week there's been riots in several towns and cities. Just a few thoughts on the UK we live in...

* Rioters - how can so many young people think it's OK to damage property, steal stuff and 'burn it down'?

* Society worthies -the puerile mitigations don't come close. Deprivation, unemployment, 'the cuts' - inadequate and inaccurate excuses for something much deeper in this country.

* Parents excuses - 'what can yer do ?' 'I can't stop him/her', 'they haven't got anything to do', 'nothing to do with me'... pathetic.

* Police - diabolically managed, the police never achieve what ordinary law-abiding people want them to achieve. They're highly successful in beating up on peaceful democratic demonstrators, motorists, victims of crime, but stand by while kids tear up the town. My only contact with the police has been when my property has been stolen or damaged, and on no occasion have the police lifted a finger, to even interview, let alone bring the perpetrator to justice. It feels to ordinary people that the police choose the tasks they want to carry out and that doesn't include the messy dangerous stuff. People hate the police.

* Police management then defend themselves to the hilt, and moan about their own cuts and problems, but will not accept advice from successful US police chief - "it's an insult!" The police is now an independent body that feels it should govern itself, do what it likes (or doesn't like), and act in a self-fulfilling, self-protecting way. They use their own underperformance to further their demands for more resources when 30% of their members are off sick.

* Media - feeds insatiably on the carrion of social trauma. 24 hour repetition and discussion and soul-searching for what is ultimately so far from profound that it slips off the Cliff of Crass. If I've seen that poor lad having his rucksack looted once, I've seen it 20 times. Vile voyeurism.

* Politicians - spectacular pontification, condemnation, high-moral-ground occupation - only months after they were pretty much all caught red-handed with their hands in the country's till. It's no surprise that so few went to jail. They were all guilty. Then they have the bare-face temerity to bang on about the looters ! They're no better than the looters, they should be in the same cells.

Is this country totally insane ?


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Pogues at Manchester Apollo, Dec 17 2010

In a game of two halves, Shane and The Pogues took a good-spirited Manchester Christmas crowd from 'putting up with MacGowans shambolic underperformance' to the throes of some of their best moments in over 20 years.

Taking to the stage with all of their original mid-80's line-up bar Cait, The Pogues kicked in with a somewhat muted and cautious couple of numbers, like there was something awry. Of course, Shane was his usual incomprehensive slurring self, but the crowd as ever cheered his every hopeless bark - and that was how his vocal sounded, a hopeless growl like he was being sick...out of tune. Maybe it's now become all part of the act - the band look at best bemused, and at worst irate at their main man limping on and off the stage for a lie down.

After an hour we thought "This is it, they've finally had it, which is why it's labelled 'The Farewell Tour' ". Even Phil Chevron, after singing his 'Thousands Are Sailing' himself, announced that although it was a Farewell Tour, they really didn't know if that would be the case...will he make another was the implication !

But from that point on there was a heave-ho and up they dragged their fine musical senses to lure the very best out of one of Irelands finest poets of the last century. Woods, Chevron, Stacey and Finer looked like they were finally enjoying it, and Shane (maybe having sobered just a tad), started to produce the violent roar that those of us who remember the 80's gigs were hoping for.

The serpent had been roused from its slumber and it swirled, jigged and swayed to the joys of Dirty Old Town, Sally Maclanann, Irish Rover, Turkish Song, and Fall From Grace.

Finally, after returning to the stage for a second encore almost two hours into the show, The Pogues blew a mad Fiesta, then re-enacted 'The Fairytale Of New York' with Ella Finer (daughter of Jem), to rapturous vocal accompanyment from the thousands. Snow poured onto the stage and our night was complete...not even a two hour journey home (only 35 miles) in 6 inches of snow could spoil our boys return to form.

David x

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Blogger Sorted

Due to my glaring lack of knowledge, it's taken me months to work out how to configure the Google Blogger to new destinations on all of my websites.

But the good news is I've done it. How ? I twisted a knob, rang a bell, two forward rolls and a tsukahara somersault in the piked position...and suddenly they all worked.

Well done me.

Anyway, off to George's football final now - far more important.

David x


Friday, 30 April 2010

Google Blogger Changes

Google in its all-seeing all-knowing wisdom has decided to discontinue its Blogger via FTP service. This is a clever route to all of the Simple Sites of uploading and updating our Blog pages.

Thus I need to find a solution and I'm working through the reconfiguration - stay tuned for the fruits of my geeky labours.

David at Lifesshort