Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Are We Happy ? Lifesshort !

Britain is less happy than in the 1950's despite being three times richer. That's the finding of a recent opinion poll by GfK NOP.
The theme of happiness and how important it is in our lives is becoming more focussed on, more prominent it seems. But how can we achieve it ?

We need to win the Lottery, we need to have health and well-being, be free of problems and pain, pursue goals and enjoy success, we need to have all the highs we've already experienced and more that we only fantasise about.

Well for most of us, those things don't come easily. So how can we be happy ?

Lifesshort says you can achieve happiness every day without any of those elements. It's a skill that you need to practise, implement, and then hone to a fine degree.

Life certainly seems to speed up as we get older, the weeks fly by, the months are gone as soon at they've started, then Christmas is here again ! And all the time it's accelerating, our goals and desires which will make us happy, are relegated down the order from the priorities of earning money, work we've fallen into, family needs...

STOP !!!

If you don't stop the train of life, it'll be at the station of Final Destiny and time for you to get off ! You were so busy working on the train of life that you didn't experience the journey, see the fields, the mountains, the beautiful cities of architecture, or the people shouting to you to stop and talk. You should have stopped at every station along the way to Final Destiny, enjoyed their fruits, their people, their sights and experiences.

As JG Horberger wrote "March to the beat of your own drummer, and throw yourself into life with great gusto. In this way, when it comes time for you to finish this relatively short journey from birth to death, when it comes time for you to die, you do not discover that you have not lived."

So stop and consider what it is you want, what specifically you want. Plan a route to achieving those goals. There's a strong chance you'll have to do radical change but there's also a strong chance you can enjoy life far more than you are at present. If others have to put up with that then they themselves should join your way of thinking and follow the course.

In the meantime, while your mighty ambitions are hatching, drying out, and growing into furry chicks, don't waste 'the today'. Today is a chance to enjoy mini ambitions. What do you want to do ? Television is the soma of the mindless. Finish work and go for a midnight walk over nearby hills. Ring people you haven't spoken to for a month and go out on a Tuesday night. Greyhound tracks, speedway, yoga, dance all night, learn an instrument, casino, go to India. Do something you've never done before. Be daring...outside the confines of your comfort self. Break some rules. Be alive. Whatever it is that you truly want to do - do it, and do it now !

All this on the way to happiness. Because the only ball and chain you have is yourself. Only you can axe it off your ankle, because only you know what it is that you desire and so only you can navigate your way there.

So Britain is less happy than in the 50's ? Britain, wake up, re-adjust, Lifesshort.

David at Lifesshort

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