Friday, 19 October 2007

Cradle To Grave - Lifesshort

My 10-year-old son (pictured above in usual form) was looking at Lifesshort at school today - they have free time for internet on Fridays lunchtimes.

He said to me 'Lifesshort is good isn't it ?'

'Yeah, it's quite cheery-up stuff' I said.

Then he said 'It's like, what do we all do between being born and dying? I mean, what's the point ?'

'Er, blimey, I'm not sure you should think like that.'

'No', he persisted, 'I don't mean it in a bad way, it's really about knowing that you've got to do big things'.

'Yeah, right...that's a good way to look at it, but you shouldn't worry about acheiving big things', I assured him.

'No I won't, but I'll make sure I do some real good stuff before I die...and have a laugh as well, Dad !'

Well that told me as straight as it comes. Children are uncomplicated so they see things clearly unlike the befuddled minds of adults.

Then finally, he said 'The Lifesshort site should have a picture of a baby, an adult, and an old person on the home page, and they should ALL be happy !'

If only it were that simple, but I said I'd put a blog on their site so they could see it.

Maybe it IS that simple.

Blog entry by Reese, Lifesshort Member


  1. oh for the view through a child's eyes. Wonderful blog, I love it. Your son looks like he'll truly embrace the Lifesshort way of life so cheers to him and all that help him achieve it :)

  2. Reece, what a lovely son that you have with amazing insight and positivity for one so young. Children are our future so here's to more children like yours who see that life really is for living.