Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Eddie Lifesshort is a TV Extra

Eddie Lifesshort seems to be ahead of the game...

He's in the second year of his Business and Commercial Web Design degree and he's finished his course work for the whole term until Christmas. Well it was kids stuff to him - he's been doing web design since he was 11 and now constructs sites for small businesses in his spare time. But he wants the degree and the updates, so he's having himself a laugh at Uni. or

So with a deal of free daytime he signed up with a local agency to do some TV and film agency extra work. Life's short, he's got to do so much, so quickly. Here's his blog of his day.

'I arrived in Liverpool at a very civilised 11.30 - train from Manchester and walked to location. My part was as a CID Officer (I'd been practicing 'Ello, Ello, Ello' for at least ten minutes, when the costume girl came to bring me a suit from the wardrobe department. She took one look and said 'I like yer as you are - you can be undercover'. Don't mind if I do !

Did lots of running around and shouting in the background, mouthing silent words around office tables and watching famous people do their stuff all day.

The film crew set up, set down, 'Action' and 'Cut', 'Can we go again', 'That was lovely!'

All the other extras were really cool people even though they were all older than me. I gave em me card and bagged a couple of website set up jobs.

Finished at 10 pm, train home, told Billie all about it, she was underwhelmed - she works in a TV company anyway. Lady Big Boots !'

So Eddie's having his customary fine time of things. Life is good, life is now, he fancied doing telly, so he went and did some telly.

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  1. Hey Eddie, that sounds great. Trust you to just decide to do something different and then go out and do it. Can you tell us what programme it is so we can look out for you?