Thursday, 18 October 2007

England Lose - Points For Caps

Russia 2, England 1

Rant rant rant, the plastic pitch, the referee, players lack commitment, McClaren not up to it...

Yeah, well I'll leave that up to the papers, they're so good at high temperature stuff.

Are we missing the point ?

Gerrard, Ferdinand, Lampard, Rooney, Owen, Robinson...they've all had years of international experience, Euro and World qualifyers and tournaments. If this so-called 'golden generation' was as golden as we're led to believe, then we could accept a hiccup in the odd game, or maybe the odd tournament.

But the same group of golden boots keep failing when the pressure is on them.

Yes, they probably play in one of the best domestic leagues in the world but they're surrounded by Africans, Europeans, North and South Americans, so when they convene to walk over the opposition, we should not be surprised at the outcome. Wenger, who should have been the last TWO England managers, in my opinion, regularly plays no English players, Mourinho with a landfill of money to spend rarely foraged at home. Benitez...I could go on.

Our players are not good enough. Gerrard missed the best chance to finish the game off, Richards was close, and Campbell would have scored if he was the quality we have always believed. The domestic managers will all know these players' weaknesses - Ferguson will know that Ferdinand, for example, does not attack the ball in the air in the opposition box, so he scores far fewer than John Terry or even his partner Viduc.

We are losing ground on the competition because of our domestic success. The high entertainment value of the premier league means that salaries are higher attracting the worlds best to play here. Thus fewer places for young English players to develop. And the power lies with the Premier League and its members, NOT with the FA and the national side. England is not a priority except with the press and the fans. There is no incentive for the clubs to grow English players, moreover, there is little motivation for the players to go and play for the nation when the spotlight often casts the best of them as villains.

How can we reverse this ?

Points For Caps.

Award a quarter of a Premier League point for every full international cap.

It is the only way to incentivise the clubs into growing English professionals of the highest level. Then those clubs who work hard at their junior acadamies will make progress against the elite. Maybe the elite will start to change their habits of spending and importing.

This avoids EU Law restrictions and works on incentive rather than legislative changes.

We ought to be in the world elite with our attitude to the game, our work ethic and attention to detail, but we're not even in the top 10 in reality.

Comments please ! Don't hold back now. Life is short and time is precious ;) x

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  1. Like the idea but I think there's a bigger overall issue. We're turning into a fat lazy nation. Schools selling off playing fields to developers. Teachers not encouraging competitiveness - "it's the taking part that counts" rubbish. Winning counts. Kids sit at computers instead of kicking about in the park. And I agree with was it John Toshack? Some players turn into cosseted spoilt prima donnas and blame everyone else for their shortcomings instead of meeting criticism head on and doing something about it. :)