Monday, 29 October 2007

England, Points For Caps - Further Gobby Opinion

Regarding my earlier blog on England v Russia - Points For Caps it's interesting that most of the England international team had outstanding games at the weekend, especially Gerrard, Lampard, Barry...

You could argue that the opposition is not that of international football, but I don't believe that stacks up. Gerrard was facing Arsenal. Many believe that European Champions League football is of a higher standard than most international games since the squads play together all the time rather than sporadically. I would bet on Arsenal or Man Utd to beat France, Argentina, Brazil if it was a meaningful game. So Mr Gerrard (don't you hate it when they call him Stevie - like a little lad in school), performed to a high standard against possibly one of the top sides in the world.
I'm not picking on Gerrard, he's a fine player who is honest in his work, despite far too many long balls with a low success rate, but points for caps - motivate the clubs to produce top England players and we'll be back on track.
David at Lifesshort

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