Thursday, 11 October 2007

Rugby World Cup, Lifesshort.

The penultimate weekend of the Rugby World Cup is here.

England, France, South Africa, Argentina provide an undercurrent of jingoism in both gutter and quality press.

Were we all delighted to see the demise of Australia, who supposedly 'hates' us nationally according to their coach ? Ex-Australian captain Michael Lynagh set the record straight by saying that is was a stupid thing to say on the eve of a game against us as it would simply fire the England team up, and in any case Australia doesn't hate us, it merely loves to beat everything.

And New Zealand suffer a shock exit at the hands of another England foe, Argentina. The mighty Dan Carter is injured and all ideas of the best team in the world left the pitch with him. Does Argentina hate us too ? It does according to our gutter press, which delights in maintaining bad feeling between any two parties in the chase for column inches.

South Africa must be favourites with a brutal pack - no change there then ?

So all this nationalistic nonsense, whipping up a stereotyping storm...leave it behind. Me ? I'm a football man, but Lifesshort sees the Rugby World Cup as a glowing tribute to the sport and a great opportunity for people to 'do their thing', go to the event, and enjoy life in a higher way.

Good luck to all teams, Lifesshort has no prejudices about nations. Lifesshort is for everyone. Go to

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