Monday, 29 October 2007

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What’s on YOUR Doorstep?

I’ve decided to leave city living after another 12 months (well today anyway, tomorrow’s a different matter). Where next? I know where not next. Where I used to live – suburban hell, neighbours on all sides wanting to know your business and peeking through the curtains when you’re home later than 11 o’clock… I’ve lived in the city over 18 months and met one neighbour. Perfect.

So maybe semi-rural, something pretty but I don’t know anywhere up here. So I went to explore today and found something gorgeous. 30 minutes up the road and it’s just stunning… lakes, hills, wildlife, cute country pubs, shops selling local produce. I think I might have found my next place to live – Rivington.

(Rivington Pike from village)

It’s amazing what delights you can find right outside your door when you take a good look. So now I’m going to explore Manchester properly. Even bought a book called “100 Walks Around Manchester” so I’ll know every corner of it before I leave. If I leave……. such a dilemma because I fell in love with this place 18 months ago and it’s not showing any signs of fading.

Life’s short – explore your doorstep and get out more!

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  1. People always say that they never realise what is on their doorstep, but I say get out and have a look! Rivington looks amazing Retro, I know what you mean about twitching curtains so I hope you find the place of your dreams but still manage to have a fun life.