Wednesday, 31 October 2007

My Beliefs ? by The Devil's Daughter

Life - a word, consisting of four letters - how people go about it is their business. I don't force people from any walk of life to believe what I do. Choice is an entitlement that we're all granted the moment that we are born.

When I was born I was told to believe, and trust, in god. An imaginary figure that lived in the clouds, and if you cupped your hands together at night real tight, somebody, somewhere, would hear you, answer you, be there when you needed them to be. Faith. In whatever degree you choose at the time. A place that only you could reach out to, when you needed to.

Theories continue to evolve about a thing called God. A big bang theory, mooted long before any of us. Life; where does it transcend from? A big bang? Of two suns high on gases colliding somewhere ?

Then there's the Neanderthal, our supposed progress. Did we descend from our closest neighbour, the ape ? Wasn't there a missing link ? Are we (all humans) all related by descendancy ? Doesn't feel like it !

We are all human beings at the end of the day, we all believe what we want to believe. We all have our own beliefs on who we are, where we came from, and that's our right. Otherwise, we wouldn't be human would we?

I gave up on God when I was young, because he was never there for me. I had to get myself out of the shit that I was thrown into, that's it. Where was god when my dad was battering ten tons out of my mum ? Where was god when I lost my best friend earlier on this year ?

I believe in how I feel. That's my right. Just because I'm an atheist, doesn't mean to say that I'm a bad person. Atheists aren't bad people, it's the believers of other faiths who refuse to grasp that fact and have tolerance. So another question; if God exists, why do people from other cultures worship some other god from ours ? Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus etc. Why? Because people believe what they want to believe. As human beings born on Earth, we were all put here for one reason, and that reason is to live and enjoy it. A task that can be the hardest one ever, but a path, that we must all walk down.

I have friends who believe otherwise, and I have friends that take the same view as I do, but friends that know me know that this heart in me beats. They know that I hurt, that I too suffer, and that no matter what it is that conjoins us somewhere, it gives us a feeling of connection. That's all that matters.I've sinned like the next man, but then the criteria of the Genesis doesn't matter to me and it hasn't for a long time, because 'sin' is a tool of the religionists to control others. I live by my own guidance and I try not to hurt anyone.

God ? Where ? In a flash of inspiration? A momentary lapse of reason ? My mother gave me life. No one else. And where did she come from ? Her mother, and her mother before.

Life can be one big nightmare, but it can be as sweet as you want to make it. But LISTEN, you are put on this earth for a reason, be it to learn from your mistakes, or maybe to learn from other people's mistakes. You get one shot at it.

The Dalai Lama says 'The purpose of our lives is to be happy',

Lifesshort - Do It !

by The Devil's Daughter - Lifesshort Member

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