Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Red Sea In South Sinai - Lifesshort

One of my new Lifesshort promises to me is never to holiday in the same place twice. Why would I when I’ve done it and seen it? There’s a lot of world to see so why get to know every nook & cranny of every place I visit? As long as I get the feel of a place, the people and the culture I’m happy. Someone I met last week has been going to the same hotel in the same resort (probably in the same room) for 18 years… Horses for courses I suppose but that really flummoxed me.

It maybe age, the realisation of the years going too quick or the influence of Lifesshort, but these days I’ll never say no to a new experience, experiment much more with food and drink and don’t worry too much about work, money.. Well anything really.

So my latest holiday destination – Egypt. A beautiful location on the Red Sea in South Sinai, complete with stunning views of the mountains. A lovely relaxing resort with not a great deal to do .During the week I mastered snorkelling despite having a flat out panic the first day, and went without fail every day for the rest of the week – what a wonderful world it is underwater - spoke a bit of Arabic, smoked shisha, ate Lebanese food, Samak Harrah and tagine, drank Egyptian wine (not recommended), Jamesons (ok I know that’s not Egyptian but they’d run out of Jack) local tea (delicious) bartered with the locals, watched England see off France in a bar packed with both sets of supporters (hehe), sang a Karaoke duet with a complete stranger and generally had a fabulous week.

Ibiza’s being planned for next year – because I’ve never been and am now finally past the “I’m too old” hurdle. I’m going, and I’ll love every minute.

Bring it on ! :)

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  1. Nice one! So that's what you've been up to. Definitely don't go on the tourist treadmill and don't wear a groove to the same place. Work is bad enough for that. It sounds like you had a fantastic time.

    All the best


  2. holidays to egypt are so life affirming, and especially so in light of recent events