Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Life Is Short - Wear Your T Shirt

I think I started to realise that life was short when I was 14 and a boy that lived in my road (and was in my year group at school) contracted meningitis at the beginning of one sunny half term and was gone before the week was over. He was so full of life and fun and had the cheekiest of grins, and I just couldn’t take in the fact that he was no more.

Since then I have lost some very significant people in my life, and too many of these are in my peer group (you sort of expect to lose grandparents and older relatives and friends) and all went suddenly through accident or illness. This has made me realise that although I need to make some long term plans for the future, I don’t want (or need) to work myself into the ground and to save for that rainy day; I want to have fun. I want to enjoy my youth, my good health and good friends and to spend that rainy day splashing in puddles no matter how much money I have in the bank.

Instead of paying into pension plans, I am spending money on the here and now, on good times and things that enrich my life. Instead of fretting over getting promoted at work and giving my all to my job I am seeing work for what it is; a means to and end. Will it matter when I am 60 that I can look back on a successful and illustrious career? Or will I want to look back on all the amazing times and experiences that I had? Definitely the latter, I think.

My message to anyone reading this is that life is indeed short so live it to the full. Wear your Lifesshort t-shirt with pride and spread the message.

Betty Bopp, Lifesshorter

Monday, 26 November 2007

Lifesshort ? It's too long !

What’s all this stuff about Lifesshort. It’s really much too long! Right now we are facing Armageddon. Not because of all this totally over-hyped rubbish about Global Warming - massive over exaggeration of the reality to justify huge increases in taxation by the grasping, corrupt and above all, incompetent politicians. It will be Armageddon from population explosion. The Catholic faith refuse to accept contraception, the African nations won’t or can’t pay for it and the Asian and East European nations can’t keep their trousers on for five minutes, so population is growing like topsy. Add to that the fact that medical science is roaring along keeping us all alive for so much longer (happy or not) and we have a problem which will overwhelm us long before the spurious tripe about sea level rises does. The latest 'wisdom' is that by 2050, the UK will have a population of 90 million (including 250,000 over-100's) - a 50% rise on today’s levels which are already causing massive over congestion, housing shortages (at a price anyone can afford) at the worst levels since the post War period. At that time a fair proportion of our housing stock had been destroyed by enemy action, there had been no maintenance to speak of for over six years, and a significantly overburdened health and education infrastructure.

The latest projection by the medical world is that eventually man will live to be 1000 - and the first person to reach his millenium is already 60!!!. This is due to the rapidly expanding ability to replace virtually all body parts on an on going basis. They are close to solving the great killer diseases such as cancer and once they are cracked there is nothing to stop the everlasting man/woman (apart from cost I suppose - we already have a post code lottery south of the border in the UK on who shall live or die for the want of some treatments)

So I am quite pleased that I am of an age that will see me out before all these horrendous problems come to pass - even Global Warming could arrive though little to do with man’s activities - so nothing we can do about it - to say nothing of the newly returned issue of poverty in old age resulting from our erstwhile Chancellor’s single handed destruction of the best pension protection in Europe.

Basically I think it is all about timing - my generation is the golden generation. We were too young to fight in the War, had an excellent diet forced on us in our formative years due to wartime rationing, had an excellent education before the lib lunatics reduced our Education system to that of a Third World Power, picked up a decent Pension ( now reserved only for the Public Sector) and will be dead before population explosion and the Third World War it leads to takes place.

Lifesshort? Life is too long - cut it back - be satisfied with your three score years and ten - or perhaps twenty - or twenty-five.................................? Now bugger off !

Blog by Valiant, 70

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Life Is Football - More Inane Rantings

Bill Shankly famously said "Some people think football is a matter of life and death. They're wrong, of course, it's far more important than that !"
So England are out of Euro 08 next summer. A lethal combination of player indifference, strategic/selection incompetence, ego space travel...oh, and the opposition infuriatingly keep scoring against us. Do they know who we are ?

Today has been hilarious cliche time. McClaren saying he's the biggest England fan, Barwick saying sorry to the fans and he'll sort it out - he fucked it up in the first place ! People saying they're glad we're out cuz McClaren has gone and we can get back to world domination. When were we dominant, remind me ? Who are these people ? Life is football and I wanted England in Euro 08 - to coin another football cliche, we snatched failure from the jaws of qualification being served up on a silver plate when we hardly deserved it. Over 12 games we played well in ONE - Russia at home.

Yet the same players will be back to European Champions League action next week and wowing the world. So their lives ARE football...just not international football.

As I've said previously in this blog, ECL football is of a higher standard than international stuff. We need to wake up and connect the Premier League with the England team fortune, Points For Caps (see previous blog).

But back to Life is football. You may laugh, girls, (and golfers) but not qualifying is estimated to cost the UK economy approximately £2 billion next summer. People who have all sorts of incomes save to follow the team all over the world, so a tournament a thousand miles away would've been a beano. There are millions of disappointed people in this country today, and that's not a good thing for the Lifesshort process. Maybe they could spend their Euro 08 savings on Lifesshort merchandise, but I guess it won't quite make up for the heartache.

How will the mighty players feel ? Well, a bit fed up I s'pose, but they go back to their luxury lives and club managers who'll put an arm round the little cherubs and coerce them into outstanding ECL performances next week. Poor little lads !

If only Shanks were still here to take on the England job.

David at Lifesshort

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Life is good…we just need to open our eyes.

Sometimes when we look around it is easy to be drawn into the darker side of life. We are constantly bombarded with stories of chaos and violence from around the world. Global warming, war, crime and injustice seem to pour from every available outlet, adding to our already stressful existence. And it is not surprising that most of us rush through life lost in a blur of fear and confusion. We struggle to pay the bills, striving to keep our heads above water while beating the wolves from our door, and it is almost impossible to find time to simply sit back and relax.

Modern living is taking its toll on society. We live in a time where everything moves at incredible speed, and nothing is ever certain. Jobs, homes, even our relationships can be lost in the blink of an eye, leaving us alone and vulnerable in a world that apparently doesn’t care. But is this really the truth? Or is it just what we have come to expect? As an author I spend much of my time observing others, and for me the battle between “good and evil” exists in a very real way. Every day I see acts of selfishness and pure malice that make my blood boil. However, they are always countered by the kindness of a friend or sometimes even a perfect stranger. The media fills our heads with pictures of hate. They linger over the details, reporting at length. And yet stories of love or triumph over adversity find themselves relegated to the end of the news or the back page of the newspaper. Is this really because they are not deemed to be as important? Or do we just hunger for the bad stuff?

I believe that most people are basically good…they have to be. The vast majority are decent, hard working human beings who just want to live their lives in peace and care for their friends and family. Sometimes life gets in the way of that, but mostly we overcome...and it takes courage to do that in this day and age.

Taking time to see the beauty around us is more important then we think. If we only focus on the bad we close our minds to all that is possible. Hope, determination and desire are the things that drive us forward, and we must always listen to our inner-voice. Of course, we can not live on dreams alone, but removing the blinkers once in a while allows us to appreciate the lighter side of life. We must believe in ourselves to achieve our dreams, no matter how unobtainable they may seem. Life is a gift never to be wasted, and our dreams are what keep us alive.

Polly Lewis, Author/writer

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Lifesshort Wants You

Lifesshort is an idealistic brand with a bright outlook and, we hope, a bright future.
Maybe it's a feature of winter, but as the dark nights envelope us in the Lifesshort office, it seems that we work, blog, forum etc. to an eerily quiet world.
We have a loyal band of followers, members who use all functions of our site, but in the words of The Bassheads, is there anybody out there ?
The Lifesshort Blog is out there on the Google Blogger system for the world to see, but how many people read it is anyone's guess. It's like having a market stall in a field on the Canadian Prairie, doing an impassioned speech on an empty tube train, laughing or having a party on your own.
How does a small but beautifully formed entity spread the gospel ? How does it tell the world ?
Lifesshort wants you, and we thank you for all support, from your purchases of our quality merchandise, to your words of wisdom on Forum and Blog pages. But it needs YOU to tell everyone you meet that Lifesshort deserves their attention and for them in turn to tell their friends. Without heavyweight investment to advertise nationally and internationally, Lifesshort can only grow organically by word of mouth, and your commitment to it. Scream it loud and proud. Lifesshort, do it now !
Lifesshorters...over to you.

David at Lifesshort

Monday, 12 November 2007

Norman Mailer, Lifesshorter

Norman Mailer, a giant of American and world literature died on Saturday at the age of 84.

The novelist, writer, journalist and film director was never far from controversy, but a close friend said yesterday 'He had such a compendium of what it meant to be alive. He never thought the boundaries were restricted. He'd go anywhere and try anything'. That makes Norman Mailer an honorary Lifesshorter.

He will be remembered for his books 'The Naked And The Dead' and 'The Executioners Song', and his writings like 'The Rumble In The Jungle' about the Ali vs Forman fight in '74.

But it is as a 'life-liver' that interests the Lifesshort team. He cared not for the way that establishment thought he ought to be, taught how he ought to be; and he dabbled in avant garde, black power, drugs and general subversion. Thus he became known for his public persona as much as his publications. He outraged feminists with his attacks on women's liberation, disdained technology, and brawled, drank and smoked marijuana.

Lifesshort doesn't aspire to or condone any of these things, but Norman Mailer was a courageous person, a great person, fully confident, with a great sense of optimism, and for that we salute him.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Who Decides Your Fate ?

Who decides your fate ?
Who decides how good your life is ?
Who holds the real power ?
Who makes you happy ?

It's a strange and intangible thing is consciousness, or life. Much of it we have no control over. Will it rain, will we be seriously ill, will we win The Lottery, will there be storms that blow our roof tiles off, will some little twat come and attack you without provocation, or will you fall in love with a stranger ? Our only explanation is that 'it's fate'.

Whoever we vote for, we feel helpless when they take us to wars that were nothing to do with us. Totally infuriating that not only us, but no one in the country wanted a part in either war. They, or he, decided our fate whether we agreed or not. We vote for our leaders and they abuse our trust.

Who sets the prices of our food and commodities ? Retailers don't really want to push prices up in case they lose trade to their competitors, so we'll say that the market governs itself. But duties and taxes are added to critical stuff and that's the government or 'him' again !

OIL - it affects big chunks of economies and the money we spend. So we have no control over that, and it's spiralling upward with no end in sight. Oil production - control to increase and decrease, pushing up prices - held in comparatively few hands. Again, he puts tax on oil, more than is added in many other countries.

The media foists questionable opinion on us which affects the way we behave. We should do this, we shouldn't do that. Before we've had chance to say 'bollocks', our next door neighbour is telling us we're out of order for not reducing our carbon footprint ! Media opinion and pressure affects weak or impressionable minds. The extent of 'media' is such that there is more air time to fill than ever before so they recycle the same stories round and round. Dodgy theories become accepted because we've heard them so many times like a mantra 'I will walk not drive, I will walk not drive, I will pay higher taxes, I will pay higher taxes, I will drink my toilet water'...durrr, WAKE UP !

But however much gravitas these issues hold, WE have the power to control our own fate. Is life for the relentless pursuit of money, the never ending increase in material wealth ? We don't need money for good times, just the appetite to make them happen. If you don't like your job, your friends, your partner...change them. You can destine how much you enjoy yourself irrespective of money or situation.

I decide my fate. I will not buy commodities I do not need, I will not fight another mans war, I will not adopt other peoples magpied theories. I will have fun, I will organise illicit but harmless parties where everyone 'gets down' (er, brothers and sisters !), I will run around and laugh and joke like a buffoon...if that's what makes me happy. And if someone else casts their shadow on me for that, then it's their loss.

I can't control world economies, taxes or other peoples' weakness, but while I'm alive I can decide my fate on how much fun I have, and how I pursue that goal.

Life's Short, live fast, die old ! Do it now :)

David x

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Dream In A Teacup by Donnie Morrissette

Dream In A Teacup

It's a dream in a teacup, it's a laugh on a spoon,
It's the vacant space between me and the moon,
It's the shoes on my feet and the hat on my head,
it's the people alive and even the ones that are dead,
because they're pushing up daisies and they make the world pretty today.

It's the milk in her coffee and the sugar in her tea,
When she likes coffee black and her tea bittersweet,
It's the sign that points right when you know you're going wrong,
And all the ridiculous things that you can fit into a song,
At first it doesn't make sense, but if you give it a chance you can say:

Everything is unexplained,
The universe is just a mystery game,
The dream in the teacup could be a nightmare in the tea,
Add a little sugar you might make the ends meet.

It's a page from the bible and a hypothesis,
From an unsettled priest and a mad scientist,
it's the childish craving for a packet of sweets,
But thats a whole lot of sugar just to make the ends meet,
It's overestimating just to satisfy the craving to say:

Everything is unexplained,
The universe is just a mystery game,
The dream in the teacup could be a nightmare in the tea,
Add a little sugar you might make the ends meet.

by Donnie Morrissette - Lifesshort Member