Thursday, 22 November 2007

Life Is Football - More Inane Rantings

Bill Shankly famously said "Some people think football is a matter of life and death. They're wrong, of course, it's far more important than that !"
So England are out of Euro 08 next summer. A lethal combination of player indifference, strategic/selection incompetence, ego space travel...oh, and the opposition infuriatingly keep scoring against us. Do they know who we are ?

Today has been hilarious cliche time. McClaren saying he's the biggest England fan, Barwick saying sorry to the fans and he'll sort it out - he fucked it up in the first place ! People saying they're glad we're out cuz McClaren has gone and we can get back to world domination. When were we dominant, remind me ? Who are these people ? Life is football and I wanted England in Euro 08 - to coin another football cliche, we snatched failure from the jaws of qualification being served up on a silver plate when we hardly deserved it. Over 12 games we played well in ONE - Russia at home.

Yet the same players will be back to European Champions League action next week and wowing the world. So their lives ARE football...just not international football.

As I've said previously in this blog, ECL football is of a higher standard than international stuff. We need to wake up and connect the Premier League with the England team fortune, Points For Caps (see previous blog).

But back to Life is football. You may laugh, girls, (and golfers) but not qualifying is estimated to cost the UK economy approximately £2 billion next summer. People who have all sorts of incomes save to follow the team all over the world, so a tournament a thousand miles away would've been a beano. There are millions of disappointed people in this country today, and that's not a good thing for the Lifesshort process. Maybe they could spend their Euro 08 savings on Lifesshort merchandise, but I guess it won't quite make up for the heartache.

How will the mighty players feel ? Well, a bit fed up I s'pose, but they go back to their luxury lives and club managers who'll put an arm round the little cherubs and coerce them into outstanding ECL performances next week. Poor little lads !

If only Shanks were still here to take on the England job.

David at Lifesshort


  1. So Piers Morgan reckons Harry Rednap for next England manager. What do you make of that? I'm getting more and more amused by the long line of people distancing themselves from the job. Who can blame them.

    A sorry summer to look forward to next year let's just hope the sun shines.

  2. What do I make of that ? I reckon it's one of the hardest jobs in football because our press make it that way. But with the players we have it's not impossible. Our three top clubs regularly get to the latter stages in ECL, so their managers can manage the press as well as bighead players.

    But there's only one man for this job and I've been saying it since that tit, Keegan resigned. A man who works with players to construct the best passing fluid football. He understands world football but plays the English way...Arsene Wenger.

    He would do the job if the FA persuaded him, but they won't cuz there's something amiss between them. Of all the ridculous names touted this week, Wenger's is missing.

    No hope !

  3. What struck me this week is that 10 years ago, even 5 years ago, I'd have been gutted that England were out, yet funnily I don't feel half as bothered. I thought about it (am I just getting old? Is being a girl finally kicking in?), and realised that I have no respect whatsoever or any liking for any of the current England players. I don't feel they have the passion/respect for their country and most of them are just totally unlikeable.

    As for the England job, the FA have not got a clue about football and I am confident that they'll appoint some muppet who'll drag the team down even further. Get David at Lifesshort on the FA, I say.