Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Life Is Short - Wear Your T Shirt

I think I started to realise that life was short when I was 14 and a boy that lived in my road (and was in my year group at school) contracted meningitis at the beginning of one sunny half term and was gone before the week was over. He was so full of life and fun and had the cheekiest of grins, and I just couldn’t take in the fact that he was no more.

Since then I have lost some very significant people in my life, and too many of these are in my peer group (you sort of expect to lose grandparents and older relatives and friends) and all went suddenly through accident or illness. This has made me realise that although I need to make some long term plans for the future, I don’t want (or need) to work myself into the ground and to save for that rainy day; I want to have fun. I want to enjoy my youth, my good health and good friends and to spend that rainy day splashing in puddles no matter how much money I have in the bank.

Instead of paying into pension plans, I am spending money on the here and now, on good times and things that enrich my life. Instead of fretting over getting promoted at work and giving my all to my job I am seeing work for what it is; a means to and end. Will it matter when I am 60 that I can look back on a successful and illustrious career? Or will I want to look back on all the amazing times and experiences that I had? Definitely the latter, I think.

My message to anyone reading this is that life is indeed short so live it to the full. Wear your Lifesshort t-shirt with pride and spread the message.

Betty Bopp, Lifesshorter

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  1. we were having similar conversations last night BettyB - a girl at work became ill and died within the space of 6 weeks and it was very shocking. She had been planning to do lots of stuff but was waiting for one thing or another before she did them. Consequently she did none and we had the Lifesshort conversation about not wasting a moment. It's so true.

    Your pics are great! :)