Monday, 26 November 2007

Lifesshort ? It's too long !

What’s all this stuff about Lifesshort. It’s really much too long! Right now we are facing Armageddon. Not because of all this totally over-hyped rubbish about Global Warming - massive over exaggeration of the reality to justify huge increases in taxation by the grasping, corrupt and above all, incompetent politicians. It will be Armageddon from population explosion. The Catholic faith refuse to accept contraception, the African nations won’t or can’t pay for it and the Asian and East European nations can’t keep their trousers on for five minutes, so population is growing like topsy. Add to that the fact that medical science is roaring along keeping us all alive for so much longer (happy or not) and we have a problem which will overwhelm us long before the spurious tripe about sea level rises does. The latest 'wisdom' is that by 2050, the UK will have a population of 90 million (including 250,000 over-100's) - a 50% rise on today’s levels which are already causing massive over congestion, housing shortages (at a price anyone can afford) at the worst levels since the post War period. At that time a fair proportion of our housing stock had been destroyed by enemy action, there had been no maintenance to speak of for over six years, and a significantly overburdened health and education infrastructure.

The latest projection by the medical world is that eventually man will live to be 1000 - and the first person to reach his millenium is already 60!!!. This is due to the rapidly expanding ability to replace virtually all body parts on an on going basis. They are close to solving the great killer diseases such as cancer and once they are cracked there is nothing to stop the everlasting man/woman (apart from cost I suppose - we already have a post code lottery south of the border in the UK on who shall live or die for the want of some treatments)

So I am quite pleased that I am of an age that will see me out before all these horrendous problems come to pass - even Global Warming could arrive though little to do with man’s activities - so nothing we can do about it - to say nothing of the newly returned issue of poverty in old age resulting from our erstwhile Chancellor’s single handed destruction of the best pension protection in Europe.

Basically I think it is all about timing - my generation is the golden generation. We were too young to fight in the War, had an excellent diet forced on us in our formative years due to wartime rationing, had an excellent education before the lib lunatics reduced our Education system to that of a Third World Power, picked up a decent Pension ( now reserved only for the Public Sector) and will be dead before population explosion and the Third World War it leads to takes place.

Lifesshort? Life is too long - cut it back - be satisfied with your three score years and ten - or perhaps twenty - or twenty-five.................................? Now bugger off !

Blog by Valiant, 70


  1. Thanks, Valiant. An interesting injection of reverse opinion. Lifesshort welcomes vitreole from all ages, creed, colour, denomination ;)

  2. Coo, I do love a rant and this one was great fun to read. Nearly all of the comments were totally valid in my view and it was great to hear someone of that age group seeing something positive in what many pensioners moan about (e.g. rationing). However, I maintain a lifesshort point of view and hope you have a lot longer on this earth to squeeze in some more good times.