Thursday, 15 November 2007

Lifesshort Wants You

Lifesshort is an idealistic brand with a bright outlook and, we hope, a bright future.
Maybe it's a feature of winter, but as the dark nights envelope us in the Lifesshort office, it seems that we work, blog, forum etc. to an eerily quiet world.
We have a loyal band of followers, members who use all functions of our site, but in the words of The Bassheads, is there anybody out there ?
The Lifesshort Blog is out there on the Google Blogger system for the world to see, but how many people read it is anyone's guess. It's like having a market stall in a field on the Canadian Prairie, doing an impassioned speech on an empty tube train, laughing or having a party on your own.
How does a small but beautifully formed entity spread the gospel ? How does it tell the world ?
Lifesshort wants you, and we thank you for all support, from your purchases of our quality merchandise, to your words of wisdom on Forum and Blog pages. But it needs YOU to tell everyone you meet that Lifesshort deserves their attention and for them in turn to tell their friends. Without heavyweight investment to advertise nationally and internationally, Lifesshort can only grow organically by word of mouth, and your commitment to it. Scream it loud and proud. Lifesshort, do it now !
Lifesshorters...over to you.

David at Lifesshort


  1. There are lots of apathetic people out there. Millions of people use the combinations of Myspace, Bebo, Facebook and others sometimes purely for the "kudos" of gathering as many "friends" as they can without actually getting to know them.

    I always encourage people to have a look at Lifesshort, to talk on the forums, browse the shop and get involved. Sometimes they do - they'll add a post and then they're gone! I don't understand it personally, so is there another way to gather interest? Facebook is more difficult to get friends that aren't really interested in you or what you have to say. And you have the opportunity to interact with people more personally to get to know them.

    Have you thought about setting up on there and build a network of decent friends who can cross over to Lifesshort? Or somehow manipulate Lifesshort to encourage more personal interaction?

    We all need to get our thinking caps on and encourage some fun and games, icebreakers for newbies -a new Lifesshorter questionnaire about them and their lives, likes and dislikes etc - to make them feel welcome and so people see the benefits of a daily Lifesshort fix to perk them up :)

    Not sure this is useful as a blog comment - maybe I should have gone via the forum... ;)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous. Yep, we'll come up with a new member questionaire.

    Lifesshort, Milligan, Billie, Fliss and Eddie all have Myspace pages with lots of friends who look at Lifesshort, as you say. But we need them to hang around more, join the forum, do a blog, visit the shop.

    Our overall hits are up each month, so our world domination is on its way.

    David x

  3. Is is possible to set up a link on the forum direct to the Myspace? Igonore me if there is one already!

    And come on you apathetics, great sites like this with such a positive outlook don't come along often, so give them your full support! We really want to see what you think.