Thursday, 8 November 2007

Who Decides Your Fate ?

Who decides your fate ?
Who decides how good your life is ?
Who holds the real power ?
Who makes you happy ?

It's a strange and intangible thing is consciousness, or life. Much of it we have no control over. Will it rain, will we be seriously ill, will we win The Lottery, will there be storms that blow our roof tiles off, will some little twat come and attack you without provocation, or will you fall in love with a stranger ? Our only explanation is that 'it's fate'.

Whoever we vote for, we feel helpless when they take us to wars that were nothing to do with us. Totally infuriating that not only us, but no one in the country wanted a part in either war. They, or he, decided our fate whether we agreed or not. We vote for our leaders and they abuse our trust.

Who sets the prices of our food and commodities ? Retailers don't really want to push prices up in case they lose trade to their competitors, so we'll say that the market governs itself. But duties and taxes are added to critical stuff and that's the government or 'him' again !

OIL - it affects big chunks of economies and the money we spend. So we have no control over that, and it's spiralling upward with no end in sight. Oil production - control to increase and decrease, pushing up prices - held in comparatively few hands. Again, he puts tax on oil, more than is added in many other countries.

The media foists questionable opinion on us which affects the way we behave. We should do this, we shouldn't do that. Before we've had chance to say 'bollocks', our next door neighbour is telling us we're out of order for not reducing our carbon footprint ! Media opinion and pressure affects weak or impressionable minds. The extent of 'media' is such that there is more air time to fill than ever before so they recycle the same stories round and round. Dodgy theories become accepted because we've heard them so many times like a mantra 'I will walk not drive, I will walk not drive, I will pay higher taxes, I will pay higher taxes, I will drink my toilet water'...durrr, WAKE UP !

But however much gravitas these issues hold, WE have the power to control our own fate. Is life for the relentless pursuit of money, the never ending increase in material wealth ? We don't need money for good times, just the appetite to make them happen. If you don't like your job, your friends, your partner...change them. You can destine how much you enjoy yourself irrespective of money or situation.

I decide my fate. I will not buy commodities I do not need, I will not fight another mans war, I will not adopt other peoples magpied theories. I will have fun, I will organise illicit but harmless parties where everyone 'gets down' (er, brothers and sisters !), I will run around and laugh and joke like a buffoon...if that's what makes me happy. And if someone else casts their shadow on me for that, then it's their loss.

I can't control world economies, taxes or other peoples' weakness, but while I'm alive I can decide my fate on how much fun I have, and how I pursue that goal.

Life's Short, live fast, die old ! Do it now :)

David x

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  1. I agree with a lot of this, we do have the power to decide our fate but sometimes we lose sight of this in the daily hurly burly of life. We need to reflect on this often or we will allow ourselves to be driven by others, and not our own needs and desires.