Monday, 17 December 2007

Credit Crash...Again !

Credit Crash is back in the news again, and more doom and gloom.

Hilariously, after weeks of speculation then planning for Richard Branson to take control of Northern Rock, they've all just realised that neither he nor Virgin has a bankers licence and so must wait months for his application to be processed. HA !!! So it isn't just mere mortals that get tied up with this country's mad bureaucracy.

But who cares anyway ? Well not the Lifesshort organisation . We say spend your money don't save it, so all concerns are purely peripheral to our outlook on life.

We're bombarded by media speculation and the eternal downside of life. Remember the Millenium Computor Crash Y2K Bug - millions were spent on protecting their systems, and nothing happened even to those who spent zero.

Will there be a UK Autumn election ? Bluster, news...then, NO. England win a couple of games then crash pathetically. Bad news bad news bad news.

Lifesshort, I'm so busy doing what I want that I couldn't care less for playground politics, yah boo politicians or deceitful people who promise nirvana and deliver...well not purgatory, but far less than nirvana !

Lifesshort. It's not dropping out but it is tuning in. It isn't subversion or anarchy, but it is healthy disregard of our force-fed establishment indigestion. Lifesshort, do it now. Credit crunch ? Naaaargh :)

David ;) x


  1. This is SO true. I have got so tired of doom merchants filling the media with bad, bad things that are going to happen but they never do. Politics schmolitics. I just take em all with a pinch of salt now and look for the positive stories.

    Life is good,and we all need to embrace that!!!

  2. agreed. 100%. If you heeded all the dire warnings we're given every single day from our obsessive media you'd be barking mad. Or a recluse. Or both.

    Just get on with it, spend your money and do your thang :)