Monday, 14 January 2008

Lifesshort man emigrates to New Zealand at 102

The UK's oldest emigrant has set sail for his new life in New Zealand - at the age of 102. Eric King-Turner has left Hampshire to emigrate to the country with his wife of 12 years, Doris.
The couple waved goodbye to the UK as they embarked on a sea journey from Southampton to their new home.
Mr King Turner says he "lives from day to day".

He said he felt it might be "rather fun to move to New Zealand", adding that his wife, who is from the country, was getting homesick. The couple, who shared the same surname prior to their marriage, met when the New Zealand King-Turner family visited the UK to research their origins.

Mr King-Turner, who served on HMS Invincible during World War I, admitted he had not seen everything in the UK that he would have liked, but had seen much of Europe. Mr King-Turner said the move had been planned months ahead, although he added: "I have to live from day to day. "I can't seriously look past tomorrow morning because at my age people go to bed at night and they don't wake up in the morning. I'm resigned to that. But Lifesshort and there isn't a moment to waste. I don't feel I've wasted any in my 102 years !"

Lifesshort wishes Mr King-Turner continued fun times. He really knows our manifesto.

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  1. There are lifesshort stories in the media daily, but this is one of my favourites.

    Go Erik! And to everyone out there, don't leave it until you are passed a century, do it now!!