Friday, 11 April 2008


Foam Parties

What is a FOAM PARTY?

A foam party is the best invention since the nightclub!

Although the idea of dancing away and having thousands of litres of foam sprayed all over you until you are covered to neck height may sound a little strange, messy or bizarre - the reality is that it is the greatest and most enjoyable enhancement to a disco.

You might think foam is made from water and soap (am I going to get all cold and wet and sticky?). Not so!! Although your clothes will get damp, you will not feel cold or wet when you are in the foam (in fact it actually keeps you warm!).

Normally at a Foam Party the foam will not start until the party is a few hours old, to let everyone get into the party mood. Then the foam machine or cannons are turned on covering everyone with foam and filling the dance area (about 5 foot deep). Foam cannons usually spray a thick jet of foam up to 8m into the dance area, moving side to side until everyone is covered. A foam machine pours masses of foam down directly onto the dance floor (it may move along slowly).

When the foam level drops, more foam will be added covering everyone up again. This may happen several times on a night, depending on how quickly the foam dissipates. Towards the end of the party the foam level will drop to about 1 foot (some patrons may be seen rolling around on the floor!).

The foam consistency will vary from party to party. Sometimes it will be light and fluffy, other times thicker. The thicker foams tend to cling more and last longer. There are different types (and qualities) of foam liquid available (used by the machines to generate the foam).
The most important thing about foam parties is that everyone who goes to one has loads of fun and enjoys the experience, however crazy it sounds! If you haven't been to a foam party at least once, you haven't lived! Highly recommended! :)

What to wear

It is best if you DON'T wear your very best clothes. They won't be ruined, but may suffer some water marking (not recommended on leather!).

If it is warm or hot, girls tend to wear a bikini either with or without shorts. Others will take their top off and wear their bra with shorts or skirt. Most guys will wear just a pair of shorts.
Once soaked with foam most clothing will cling to your skin, and some materials will become see through. Choose your clothing accordingly!

Check me out here having the time of me life :)

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  1. Wow, wow and wow. It looks such good fun. I found it really interesting what happens at a foam party as I often wondered. Lucky you discobicky!

  2. i wanna go but ima fat ass i aint wearin no bikini top man but i really wanna go to one theres one at a club where i live dis weekend

  3. They have put a nice list of what to wear and what not to wear on here im going to one next weekend - cant wait!

  4. Thanks, Anonymous...have a great time, and let us know how it went ;-)