Monday, 8 September 2008

So It's Raining...Lifesshort

So it's raining again, like it has for most of the summer...again.

There's something very British about moaning about the weather. I know, I know, it's because it's so very rubbish against our aspirations.
In the winter we want crystal cold azzure blue days of snow, after days of wild blizzards which force us to have equally wild parties, dancing to bumping music around the multi fuel burner, drinking vodka and acid punch...don't we ?

What do we get ? Occasional wet slush alternating months of low cloud and drizzle.

In the summer we want 3 months of blue skies and puffy white clouds, the sort we remember of school holidays in the 60's and 70's. Wasn't it always like that ? Days of endless playing football, cricket, dam-building. It started at 9 after weetabix and finished at dusk when your tea was ready. The weather wasn't a consideration cuz it was always sunny. Yeah, that's what we aspire to now. It doesn't have to be 80 degrees, but the odd outdoor party, music to vex the neighbours after dark, Sol with lime, badminton or croquet on the lawn, a barbecue with langoustine...they wouldn't go amiss occasionally.

What do we get ? Months of heavy rain and floods worse than winter
That's why it's so very British to moan about the weather.

But we can like it, or lump it. Focussing and blarting about it won't change anything. Last week I spent a day waiting to do something 'when the rain stopped'. I waited til 5 - it was still rodding down. So I thought, LIFE'S SHORT, don't let it stop you.
I got on my mountain bike and cycled along roads, tracks, towpaths for 3 hours. And guess what ? As soon as I started, the torrents abaited, the sun peeped out and a sense of well-being blanketed the little corner of Britain I was slithering around. Mud, splashes, crashes, nettles, bruises...but no rain and a bucket load of solitary fun.
In the words of Norman Tebbitt - 'Get on your bike, Life's Short !' (He did say that didn't he ?) And if that's not your boat-floater, then ignore the weather and do your boat-flotation anyway. Then when you look back on the summers of '07, '08 and maybe '09, it won't be the rain you'll remember it'll be a whole load of floating boatness. Perhaps that why the 60's and 70's summer holidays always seemed sunny - we were so busy enjoying stuff, we didn't notice THE WEATHER !

David x


  1. Is that a pic of you in the cycling shorts??

  2. Yes, and it's also me at the barbecue ;)

  3. Your hair's a bit longer these days.

  4. who is that girl she is hot!!

  5. Dunno - people just wander in to my barbecues...