Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lifesshort - the big picture ?

Lifesshort is many things to many people. To me it is a mantra to cast off the shackles and take advantage of life's opportunities. But it's whatever you want it to be. We are constantly reminded how tenuous our grip on life is, how frail and fateful it might be. Every day (and night) is a chance to enjoy the living part of our universal entity. The advent of Lifesshort was a consideration and attempt to understand what it all meant, if anything.

The concept of God in the old sense of a guardian to look after us if we pray and live good lives, has switched so many people off the track of true spirituality as the acceleration of science and technology emphasises the reality of matter, but tends unwittingly to discount whatever is inexplicable in those terms. That old concept of God was constructed to connect with pre-technology/science peoples. A modern portrayal of God might be far more palatable for the highly educated 21st century-adjusted person, than merely blind faith.

So if God is a conscious entity within every part of the fabric of the universe then many of the phrases of the various religions would have resonance in both old and new concepts. 'God is love', 'God is all around us' etc. We've spent so much energy working out the physical aspects of the universe that we haven't even begun to contemplate the metaphysical side - which is the true honeycomb of its existence. A close friend of Lifesshort is a devout Christian who believes unerringly in God. She says that she is helped every day by God at her side and draws supernatural strength from His love. But she feels that God is not able to control all things that happen in the universe, and thus wars, death and natural disaster lead people to question His existence. Is love for all things the answer ? Modern spiritualists say that whatever vibrations you send out into the universe, you get the same back. If you vibrate darkness and hate then that will be your lot. Love and caring will be returned correspondingly.

However, this hocus pocus all seems so hit and miss to todays westerner. If 'believers' cannot articulate, permeate, demonstrate the truth and law of God or the universe then how can the sceptical masses be swayed ? If we'd started the process of understanding this at the same time as the pursuit of physical science then we might be closer to our God than the fading numbers of blind faithers sitting in cold stone sheds built in the Middle Ages.

It struck me over Christmas that the vast majority of the 6 billion people on this planet want a peaceful existence, have no desire to eradicate their neighbouring country or take it's mineral wealth. They care not to want to convert the other half of the world to their own version of faith, but to live in harmony with it without impacting on others. How then, do we achieve endless warmongering, death and destruction on a scale beyond the supposedly primitive times ? We know that although our actual intelligence has not increased in 20,000 years, our collective knowledge is so much higher from the experience of history and indeed science. That experience teaches the majority that war, greed and dishonesty is immoral, and for the most part we follow the tenets of the Ten Commandments (don't start me on Moses !) but still we are at the behest of the tiny but ruling minority who for some sinister coincidence become our governors. Our society asks us to praise and admire those who rise to the top, but these are the men and women who consistently break the code of the universe. Blair, Bush, Saddam, Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Thatcher, Galtieri, Mao, Ahmadinejad, Olmert...all claim to be righteous and that God is on their side.

When will the collective consciousness of the good-vibration-masses obliterate that of the murderous few ? When that happens, maybe we will be closer to all our gods, and to real spiritual nirvana...or maybe just in a better place to live.

David x

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