Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Simple Site Company

Life's short and it should never stand still, so the Lifesshort team is now offering its services to the world on web building.

All types of site are available from our new sister outfit, The Simple Site Company, from complex commercial selling sites to simple 3-page information sites for schools, playgroups, mothers mornings, 5-a-side leagues...and the most important thing is it won't cost you mad money.
Or you may have a Facebook, Bebo or Myspace page and want to attach more information in a new and innovative way. Instead of working within the confines of the networking functionality, let us put your own personal site together with pics, videos, games, youtubes...now that'd look original amongst your friends - "Yeah I've got a Facebook but I just direct people to my own site !"

Contact us now david@simplesiteco.com to discuss what you want and we'll give you a FREE quote for your new personalised website. Simple sites at simple prices.

Lifesshort - do it now !

David x


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