Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My birthday

Hey, hey, hey, it's my birthday.

Well, I haven't really celebrated birthdays in a while. I used to go to clubs and give it a good go - the week before and the week after, dance all night. Excuse for a big one so to speak. But not done that for quite some time. Maybe it's the process of getting older...things had changed, it had become passe.

For some reason, this year feels different. I'm happy it's my birthday, I want people to know it's my birthday, sound the sirens, it's Dave's birthday - 47 !!! Not 21, or 30, or 40 - 47 and proud of it. Got all me teeth, got all me hair, all working order, and fitter than the previous ten.

My nephew, Archie, who is 8 said last night "I know how old you are and how old you look - you look 25 but I don't want to say how old you are cuz I shouldn't"

Very kind, Arch. I'm well past looking 25 but 'shouldn't' ? You most certainly should. 47, 47, 47 !!!

I told him that every year I get another number, it's a bigger number. A number that makes me grander, larger, higher, smarter...well maybe not smarter...but maybe I am smarter...maybe that's why I want to town-crier it across the wires, to banner it over the land.

I've gone through a period where I just accept that I keep making the same mistakes in life, but because I have a good time, wild times, mistakes will happen, like a hedonists occupational hazard. That period has gone by and as the high times have subsided, I've started to operate with slightly more clarity...only slightly ! Breaking the chain.

Anyway, I'm pleased it's my birthday. I don't want to sheepishly say "Oh I'm 29" (not that I ever have - except when I was 29). I'm 47 and happy with it. I've got a lust for life, but in a more thinking way. A standback way.

I'll have to add more when I've stood back !

Life's short, roll on the 2nd third ;-)

David x

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